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What brush should I use for my dog ?

Importance of brushing your dog’s coat……

Double coated breeds

Akita’s, Malamutes, German shepherds etc…

Photo of a Malamute Dog

For these Type breeds I start by using a rubber curry comb over the coat to remove dander and loose coat. Next I use a slicker brush be careful not to press to hard on the dogs skin as this will cause abrasions. On long coated breeds layer the coat as you go. Next I use an under coat rake to get rid of any dead under coat the slicker has missed. I finish off with a grey hound comb ran through the coat to check the coat is free from tangles. I like to wipe a damp towel round the dogs muzzle to finish.

Silky coated breeds

Cocker spaniel, Springer spaniel, Red setter etc….

For these type breeds I start by using a slicker layering the coat as you brush. Next I use a pin brush on the ears if the dog has long ears I find it best to work from the bottom up, remember to brush both sides of the ear. Next I use a rubber curry comb in firm strokes over the body to produce a shine. I finish by running a grey hound comb all through the coat to make sure every tangle has gone.

Photo of a Springer Spaniel

Short coated breeds

Dalmatian, Labrador, Beagle etc…

Photo of a Dalmatian Dog

For these type breeds I start by using a rubber curry brush firmly in circular motions on dogs coat. Next I use an under coat rake to get up any remaining loose coat a shedding blade works great too. I finish off by using a tea towel rubbed over coat it gives a great shine.

Long coated breed

Shih tzu’s Lhasas ‘s, Old english sheep dog etc…

For these type breeds I start by using a pin brush layering the coat as I brush , if the coat has lots of tough matts I use a slicker brush after. Next I use the under coat rake to check for any dead under coat. I finish off by running a grey hound comb through the coat to make sure its tangle free. A piece of silk stroked over the dogs coat afterwards eliminates static and gives shine.

Photo of a Shih tzu dog

Grooming should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog , not only does it help cement a bond between you it also helps get your dog used to being handled all over . Which means your dog will have a more amenable temperament and it will make your vets and groomers life easier!

Dog grooming tips!

  • Use a conditioner and water solution as a grooming spray made up of 1 part conditioner 3 parts water in a spray bottle. Pantene works great this helps get those tangles out with less brake age.
  • On breeds that have top knots use a flea comb to get those last strays hairs in!
  • Use an old bath sponge when shampooing to get lots of larther.
  • Use an old dressing gown to keep your dog warm when they have just been bathed , if short coated and a towelling material is used it also dry the coat well too !
  • Cod liver oil fed daily or evening primrose works great by making your dogs coat shiny from the inside !
  • For dry noses vasaline works fab it’s also great for chapped paws too.
  • Chamomile tea bags steeped in boiling water and left to cool works great as a final rinse on light coloured coats to brighten them right up.
  • On dark coloured coats use cherry and logan berry tea bags stooped in hot water and allowed to cool as a final rinse. This gives a great shine and brings out the colour.