Spa Treatments

Dogs deserve pampering too so at Amikaya we have come up with a range of spa treatments to pamper your pooch. We have been using theses natural beauty treatments on our own dogs and rescue dogs for years they are fun to use and dogs enjoy the sensation of ex-foliation and massage plus they smell scrummy too!

Used to help a variety of different ailments including dry muzzle’s, dull coats, rough paws and lot’s more. All made using completely natural ingredients. Great as an added treat whilst bathing, go on your Pooch will thank you for it!

Mooses muzzle mask

Photo of Mooses Muzzle Mask

Moose suffered from a dry scaly muzzle so we created a mask to ex-foliate and brighten his muzzle. Moose’s muzzle mask contains a whole load of scrummy natural ingredients. Including honey and brown sugar.

It’s a fun product to use and you see the difference straight after!

Eva’s coat a luscious shine treatment

Eva had a dull coat when she first arrived at walkies. So we created a coat shine treatment especially for her. Its made from a combination of yummy ingredients including coco nut oil and sea salt.

Used just after shampooing it’s massaged from root to tip and creates a lovely shine on the coat and has great moisturising properties.

Photo of Eva Spa Treatments

Pippas paw perfection

Photo of Pippa Paw Perfection

Pip suffered from dry rough paws so we created this soothing, mask to use as an extra treat whilst bathing. Made from oat meal and banana and a few more natural ingredients. Leaves paws smooth to the touch and smelling great to.

Doggy spa treatments can be used as an addition to any of our grooming packages. If you would like to try one please mention on time of booking as they are freshly made. They are charged at £5 per treatment.